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Hey, I’m Kaidyn! It was seventh grade when I started spending my nights journaling and days photographing the sights I’ve had the privilege to see - five years and counting of collected pages and pictures. Devoting an abundance of my time to thinking led me to further understand myself and others in ways I had no clue were possible. 

Throughout my nights of thinking, I have adapted the outlook that each and every person resembles a hardcover book. On the outside, they present themself as one person, a person stronger than they really are. However, behind all that goes to show are the pages of one's true self, filled with the many perspectives and thoughts unique to an individual. 

I started out my journaling ‘journey’ as this hard-covered, emotion-avoiding individual, but I grew comfortable with the version of myself underneath this cover. There I found the dainty, allusive pages deep inside of me, leading me to the individual I am today. Within this blog are my pages, the ones I am finally proud to share.

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