• kaidyn carroll


Belief is everything, where our beliefs lie is up for us to decide. Within that decision comes the many unintentional manifestations to follow, all resulting from the subconscious thoughts embedded in our minds - how can we take control of this?

Back when Covid began my best friend and I got into manifesting, crystals, zodiacs, and all that. Covid didn’t put me in the best place; I would cry out of loneliness because my extroversion felt suppressed. Isolation made my world feel empty, like I was missing out on life. Keary, my best friend, and I began our friendship bonding over this ideal life we wanted to create. We would go on bike rides for hours and discuss this so-called perfect life we had picked out for ourselves.

On these bike rides we developed our interest for crystals, the universe, and manifesting. Some nights we would even drive to this church near my house and bring crystals during a full moon. Looking back on it, I can say a majority of it was somewhat far-fetched. I now understand where people are coming from when they say ‘crystal people’ are crazy. Though, considering I was one of them, I understand both sides. For anyone out there who thinks this manifesting world is absolutely absurd, I want you to hear me out.

The world of manifesting is not ENTIRELY far-fetched. Crystals and zodiacs - sure, far-fetched. However, manifesting as a whole is not, it is simply misunderstood. What even is manifesting? It’s using our thoughts to influence the surrounding environment, specifically taking time to ground ourselves while gathering positive thoughts. Grounding entails being present which can be done through meditation or spending time with no distractions; these are moments where we consciously observe our thoughts. The type of manifesting I believe works is practicing putting out positivity into the universe (into the universe meaning speaking thoughts aloud).

Many of you know what shower thoughts are and I would say that is a good example of grounding done unintentionally. Shower thoughts as in when you take a shower, without your phone, and your thoughts unravel. This state of allowing your thoughts to surface is where you can implement manifestations the strongest, meaning where you can practice positive thinking. Whatever it is you are manifesting, this is the state where you should channel your energy into those thoughts. This may be done through telling yourself ideas repeatedly.

By telling yourself these ideas regularly, you’ll eventually believe it and it will be ingrained in your subconscious. Belief is everything. If we believe something will happen there is a high likelihood it will because our actions will align with that belief, resulting in the outcome of our desire. In addition, if the idea is ingrained in our subconscious then eventually we won’t have to consciously manifest it anymore. After time, the frequency of the manifestations will allow it to be second nature to our mind. It’s like how we are so used to stopping at a red light that we no longer have to think about it anymore; our thoughts can be trained to do the same thing.

Instead of telling yourself to think positively you would now do it unintentionally. That happens after months to years of embedding positivity into your lifestyle. Keary and I spent months outside (due to Covid-19) manifesting for hours and I can thankfully say that now we do not consciously manifest anymore. It has become a part of us. You may think I am crazy, but your mind works in mysterious ways. By taking care of yourself mentally, you can morph your outlook on life to be anything you want it to be. Through some belief and effort you have the power to see the world through any lense of your desire and fortunately that’s up to you to decide.

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